Addis Ababa Airport Information:

First of all, Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (AABIAP) is located on the Southern outskirts of the capital city about 8 km. from the town center, at an aerodrome elevation 0f 2325 m.

It has a mean temperature of 25 degree Centigrade. Hence, it is considered Ethiopia’s main international and domestic airport and it plays an important role for the country as well as hub airports in the neighboring countries.

Addis Ababa Airport has served the nation as international gate way for the last 44 years. As a result of the current traffic movement which is more than 1.6 million passenger per year, the airport is going under major expansion.


Addis Ababa Airport Information:

Runway Dimension3,800 m x 60m New Runway
Runway SurfaceAsphalt concrete
Runway CapacityB747/MD11
AGL systemCat I
Terminal equipmentluggage x-ray, hand bag x-ray, walk through, and conveyor belt
Fire fighting category
 CAT 9
Control towerYes
Access roadAsphalt
Boarding capacity870 passengers PHP
Car parking lotfor vehicles,19 parking for all types
Aerodrome elevation2325 m, 25 degree centigrade

Addis Ababa Airport Information

While no other airlines competes with Ethiopian Airlines, it remains the biggest airline in Africa. Therefore, Ethiopian airlines has been in profit since it was founded.

Another reason to believe that Addis Ababa airport is one of the top airports in the world is its aviation academy center because it provides aviation training.

While it has busy traffic, the city is experiencing economic boom due to many tourists arriving the city. Less than 10 years ago, traffic has never been the same as of now.

Another major reason for the city’s economic vibrant is its stability and also the cultural heritage that the city enjoys

Due to the lack of trained pilots to take aviation jobs, Ethiopian Airlines trains students from across Africa. Therefore, offering unparalleled training and support throughout the whole duration of the training.

Finally, Addis Ababa airport invites students from across the world to its aviation center.

In conclusion, Addis Ababa airport is witnessing some of the biggest airport expansions in Africa. Consequently, expect more airlines to fly to this airport.