World Embassies in Addis Ababa

Algeria  Algeria

Angola  Angola

Australia  Australia

Austria  Austria

Belgium  Belgium

Botswana  Botswana

Brazil  Brazil

Bulgaria  Bulgaria

Canada  Canada

China  China

Cuba  Cuba

Czech Republic  Czech Republic

Denmark  Denmark

Djibouti  Djibouti

El Salvador  El Salvador

Finland  Finland

France  France

Gabon  Gabon

Germany  Germany

Ghana  Ghana

Greece  Greece

Greenland  Greenland

Hungary  Hungary

India  India

Indonesia  Indonesia

Iran  Iran

Ireland  Ireland

Israel  Israel

Italy  Italy

Jamaica  Jamaica

Japan  Japan

Kenya  Kenya

Kuwait  Kuwait

Lesotho  Lesotho

Madagascar  Madagascar

Malawi  Malawi

Mali  Mali

Mauritius  Mauritius

Mexico  Mexico

Morocco  Morocco

Mozambique  Mozambique

Namibia  Namibia

Netherlands  Netherlands

Niger  Niger

Nigeria  Nigeria

Norway  Norway

Pakistan  Pakistan

Palestine  Palestine

Poland  Poland

Portugal  Portugal

Romania  Romania

Russia  Russia

Rwanda  Rwanda

Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia

Senegal  Senegal

Serbia  Serbia

Sierra Leone  Sierra Leone

South Africa  South Africa

Spain  Spain

Sudan  Sudan

Sweden  Sweden

Switzerland  Switzerland

Tanzania  Tanzania

Togo  Togo

Tunisia  Tunisia

Turkey  Turkey

Uganda  Uganda

Ukraine  Ukraine

United States  United States

Western Sahara  Western Sahara

Yemen  Yemen

Zambia  Zambia

Zimbabwe  Zimbabwe

World Embassies in Addis Ababa

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